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Monkeys enter the RED Legends (Apex) Tournament

Yep, after hearing about the upcoming Apex Tournament, happening at Emperor's Palace on the 6th of April, the monkeys got very excited and immediately registered!

Look, we actually don't know much of the tournament to be honest, apart from the fact that there are a bunch of rules that we should probably familiarise ourselves with - and off course the R200 sign-up fee.. But when that video dropped (and we saw that there were actually some sponsors on-board, no really), we were like hells to the yeah! I mean, just look at this video and pretend to stay dry.

MSMK will officially be represented by the following two teams: Bloody Monkeys • BonesMalones • Reyman111 • ZANNY777 MSMK Hairy Monkeys • seVasTra667 • Dirac_911_Delta • V_For_VanDango

Let's hope that we don't end up spending more on competing than we'll (hopefully) be winning :/

We could always just go put R200 on black, right?

#apex #tournament #esport #redgaming

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